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1. At TORCHED each dish is limited to a fixed quantity due to space constraints. You may submit an order online to secure them! However, we have received a sizeable number of complaints that our food is cold upon collection. Therefore, we will prepare your preorders when you are physically present. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

2. To our regular customers, thank you for your continued support. Kindly indicate that you will be arriving on time and we will prepare your order according to the time indicated in the order note.

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Torched, Flamed & Grilled

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Impeccable Selection

Rice Bowls

Wholesome rice bowls measured to meet your daily needs. Each bowl is made from scratch.


Premium Meats

Flame grilled meats sourced from Australia and New Zealand marinated in our special dry rub.



100% Beef, no-nonsense burger, with Torched special relish sauce and caramelised onions.


Honest Reviews

Signature chicken is flavourful and seared well. Perfect medium rare steaks. 

Samuel Woo

To be very very honest, I really thought it would taste like one of those typical cafe burgers. Nothing special. But my first bite i was like what the bloody heck

Damien Wong

I am in agreement with Damien, I thought this Damien maybe he's just supporting a brah. Then one bite gg I said OK I need to savour this bad boi.




FoodPark, 107 Clementi St 12

Singapore 120107

Monday to Sunday

Lunch: 11.30am - 2pm

Dinner: 5pm - 8pm 

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